Insequence Training Department

One of the primary root causes of production risks and downtime for our customer’s facilities is a lack of training for plant floor personnel. This is typically due to the amount of time available for training and higher turn-over rates on the plant floor. As such, Insequence has expanded to a dedicated Training Department to offer several avenues for our customers to become proficient with Insequence software to alleviate some of the issues that arise due to a lack of training on the plant side.  If you are interested in one of the below listed training avenues, please look at the Training Schedule Calendar on this website or contact the Training Department by emailing Training for pricing, questions or concerns.

  • 2- Hour, Module-Based Training Webinars – Insequence understands it is difficult for personnel to get away from the plant or production floor activities for long periods of time to train, to accommodate this we have started offering 2-hour Webinar training by modules.  These are offered at various times of day to accommodate all shifts at a relatively inexpensive cost.  View the Webinar Module listing to determine which modules fit your facilities needs. Register Here!
  • Training Room Demo Line Smyrna, TN
                    Training Room Demo Line
                                Smyrna, TN

    Standard In-House Classroom Training in Smyrna, TN USA – (2 to 5 Days) – There are three types of in-house training offered at Insequence, these include sequencing only, manufacturing only, and full system training.

  • Customer-Specific Classroom Training in Smyrna, TN USA – To perform this training Insequence will need backups of your production databases to train with your data. We will restore the backups on our training server to allow for training of your personnel in a simulated data site specific environment. This will have to be quoted and scheduled in advance due to the time it will take to simulate your environment at Insequence.
  • Global Onsite Customer – Insequence will quote and schedule an onsite visit to perform training with site personnel on the site’s environment. This can be done utilizing the test environment to ensure no impact to production. This may be limited on any PLC or printing type functions if there is not a test printer or PLC present.
  • Regional Standard Training – This type of training will be considered dependent on Customer Demand for a region. If your facility may be interested in a regional training, please contact the Insequence Training Department.